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Stops Air Infiltration

1) Minimizes air flow.
2) Helps eliminate drafts and provides for comfortable, even heat.
3) Provides better humidity control.

High Insulation Value
4) Best R-value per inch of any readily available insulation, it allows you to
fix more insulation in a tighter space.
5) Performs in hot as well as cold temperatures.

Moisture Resistant
6) Stops moisture driven elements due to its closed cell salability.
7) Dries with no insulation value loss.

Spray Applied
8) Seals cracks and crevices.
9) Insulates hard to reach areas.
10) Quick, easy application by professionals.
11) Provides a seamless layer of insulation.

12) Will not settle.
13) Adds structural strength.
14) Solid nature inhibits insect penetration.
15) Seals cracks from unwanted gas and odor penetration.

Light Weight
16) Does not sag.
17) High degree of strength to weight ratio.
18) Adds very little weight to sealing or roof areas.

Excellent Adhesion
19) Does not need fasteners to hold it into place.

Code Approved Safe
20) Materials meet building code requirements and are accepted nationwide.
21) Building code listed.
22) Contains no urea formaldehyde.









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