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In our role as a leading Installer of Spray Foam Insulation systems for a variety of buildings, it is imperative that we at FOAM Corp. Research the latest trends in building science. We study building physics, systems design concepts, and building sustainability issues so that contractors and remodelers who choose our Spray Foam Insulation systems will construct buildings that are sustainable, enduring, healthier, and cost-efficient. By building smarter with Spray Foam Insulation, you can greatly lower the environmental impact of your buildings.
FOAM Corp. analyzes how the Spray Foam Insulation can optimize the performance of your building envelope systems, including the roof, the walls and the floor/foundation. We strive to compliment your design and operation of the structure to protect your building's interior and to optimize four areas of its performance:

bullet Moisture Control. Controlling moisture is essential to ward off your building's deterioration and to ensure its durability. Controlling moisture will also greatly improve your building's indoor air quality - lessening the probability of mold, mildew, and odors.
bullet Temperature Control. Controlling heat flow in and out of your building will improve the comfort and health of those inside it.  A properly constructed building envelope will also greatly reduce the energy consumption, a bonus to any building owner. Such a building demonstrates your environmental stewardship. 
bullet Air Flow Control. Controlling the flow of air improves your building's humidity, health, energy efficiency, and comfort. By sealing out unwanted air flow, you eliminate the corresponding heat loss, air borne dust and pollutants, and noise. This equals lower costs and greater comfort.
bullet Structural Integrity. Improving structural integrity through the use of spray foam insulation systems will ensure your building's durability and sustainability. Our spray foam insulation systems continue to surpass industry standards.


The physical components of your building’s envelope start at its foundation and include its roof, walls, doors, and windows. A variety of factors will determine your building’s envelope and impact its energy effectiveness and durability, but by choosing Spray Foam Insulation by Foam Corp. you’ll enhance your building’s protective envelope to create a healthy, sustainable environment for all who use it.
Interested in learning more about how Spray Foam Insulation by Foam Corp. can help you design or build more energy-efficient, comfortable buildings free of design constraints? Want your employees to have a better understanding of how spray foam insulation impacts the health and environmental footprint of the buildings they design or the benefits of specifying SPF? We offer informative courses that cover the technical features and benefits of using SPF insulation for a variety of building structures. We welcome the opportunity to provide a presentation to your firm or organization. Please feel free to contact us and schedule a presentation or course at your location.







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