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Has the highest R-Value then any other     insulation technology.Cuts monthly air     conditioning/heating costs up to 50%.
Can reduce the size of new HVAC equipment by     up to 40%.
Can reduce the workload significantly on     existing HVAC equipment.
Improves indoor air quality (reducing allergy & asthma attacks).
Help homes & businesses become much quieter.
Stops mold and mildew from penetrating the envelope of your living environment.
Kills mold on contact and reduces future mold growth.
Is not a food source for mold, roaches, or termites.
Is not damaged by water or floods.
Does not settle or pack down over time.
Will not sag or split as it ages.
Does not allow air loss or air infiltration into your home.
Increases the value of a property.
Provides a continuous barrier sealing out dust / pollen / insects / rodents.
Helps prevent the movement of air in all directions.
Helps creates an overall healthier and happier environment.
Reduces drafts and increases overall comfort level in the home or building.







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